Whether the Weather

Living in New England makes it difficult to consistently go disc golfing in the fall. Rain takes over the area and never seems to cease, snow could start falling at any moment, and advanced darkness strikes by four o’clock. It’s impossible to disc golf 365 days out of the year.


My posting has started slowing down recently because when I try to go play disc golf I end up participating in a tough mudder and that’s if the entire course isn’t frozen which is usually a catastrophe in and of itself. I also just generally despise being cold, even the thought of being cold makes me shiver.

Another reason my postings have become increasingly sparse is due to the fact that my class, in which I created this blog, is coming to an end. I know all of my VERY dedicated followers are extraordinarily disappointed, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll never post a blog again. If not this one then another one with a different topic, bigger, stronger, faster. We have the technology.

If anyone has actually enjoyed my postings and would indeed like to hear me continue babbling let me know, leave a comment. If I do continue blogging I was thinking of creating a new blog, I was thinking about something with movies or travel, but any other suggestions are welcome.

If you want more disc golf course reviews check out right here or disc reviews here.

Never stop being passionately curious, life is a journey not a destination.

So this, for now, is me signing off,                                                                                         Goodnight and Good luck.



The Wind-up

You stand on the tee, the wind feels cool as it brushes up against your face. The disc is weighted in your hand and the rim glides through your fingertips as you spin the disc looking for the right spot that locks with your hand.

You look down the path towards the basket, trees obscure your vision, but you can see the yellow lining on the top of it. You raise your arm and practice your throw. As you practice your throw you visualize the path of the disc and look for the proper release point in your throw.

You take a step back and prepare for launch. Your breath is controlled and steady as you lean back to gather momentum. You run up to the line and release, the disc unlocks from your arm and soars down the path. All you can do now is breath as you watch the disc sail away.

Where does one Disc Golf?

If you are new to this sport, you may find yourself asking this very question. Mr. Belsky has already mentioned a great disc golfing spot, Crane Hill in Wilbraham. What happens if you do not live near Wilbraham? What if you want to try a new Disc Golf course and do not know where to start? I am here to tell you about  two of the best disc golfing courses in Massachusetts available to the public.

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Course Reviews: Crane Hill

While my intention for this blog at first was to review courses around my area, I seemed to have strayed from that idea and put a more narrative perspective on the adventures I have while I golf.

I decided to revert back to my original ideas and review a course for this post. The course I decided to review is Crane Hill in Wilbraham, MA. This course is relatively well-known as one of the better courses in the area, but I decided to review it because it is near and dear to me. This is the course where it all began for me, where my friends and I would meet up every Saturday and where my love of the game was found.


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Return to sender

I’m sure everyone who reads this blog, so basically my class when they’re required and random other people who stumble upon it, have found something on the ground that wasn’t theirs and it had contact information on it.

Did you contact that personI’d like to believe all my readers are good Samaritans and returned the lost object to its owner. Richasaurus Rex mentions the pain staking process of attempting to return discs to their owners and quite frankly I’ve stopped trying.

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Don’t look away

Once again it all started at Crane Hill in Wilbraham, I was standing at the tee of the third hole with my viper in my hand about to launch my throw. The first two holes went pretty well I was either at par or one under at this point in the day, which isn’t saying much because I had only shot two holes.

I was feeling good and had already been playing at a higher level than usual. I was playing with friends which always helps me step my game up because some of them are better than I am so I it helps me compete harder. They were standing around not paying too much attention to my preparation just shooting the shit with each other about school or some other hot topic. I was feeling good about my throw so I turned around and jokingly told the guys to take some notes on what was about to happen, little did I know how true that actually happened to be.

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The Maltese Thunderbird

It all started at the tee of the thirteenth hole of Crane Hill in Wilbraham. It had recently rained so I could smell the freshness of the forest around me. The clouds still loomed overhead threatening to open up at any moment, but I was bound and determined to finish my round even though it was nothing spectacular.

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Timing is Everything

535921_10152702884095507_708977936_n The release felt great and the follow through was spot on. The disc picked up the wind perfectly and started winding down the path.  An image captured just a seconds later would’ve had him kicking the ground, grabbing his head, and muttering a few choice words towards the disc golf gods. Just because a throw feels perfect doesn’t mean a tree can’t get in the way.

The Language of my World

I’m not too knowledgable in the lingo of disc golf, for example I just learned the other day that an Anhyzer is a throwing technique used to get a throw to go in an irregular direction (Disc golf aficionados will laugh at that my ineptness). I also recently realized when writing my first post that an errant throwing into the daunting yet unavoidable tree line is called a “salad bar” and if the shot reemerges from the woods unscathed its called a “drive thru salad bar.”

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