Trouble with the backhand


While the mechanics of throwing a disc are universal everybody adds their own unique touch onto every throw. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of “how to” videos and instructions and each instructor has their own style, on the official Disc Golf Association’s blog they have numerous instructional videos on how to drive, throw, and putt. has a plethora of instructional videos on anything from driving to general improvement featuring youtube videos of Disc Craft sponsored players teaching their method of throwing. Even within the videos themselves they give you a few pros to watch because they all have their own technique that works for them.

The three biggest places where people love to critique, change, and instruct others on are putting, putting, and putting. Everybody loves to put there two cents in on putting and if you listen to every single person out there you will never have a consistent shot. I feel that what works best is finding a way that’s comfortable for you then watching videos or reading articles to critique it from there.

Disc golf is about practice, it doesn’t matter how many videos you watch, you’ve gotta get out there and do it. Sure the videos are helpful, but don’t expect to watch every video and become an expert. Without practice and repetition you won’t go anywhere so get out there and get going!


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